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Field or screen, hands-on learning is engaging and fun!

Morning, Ten Thousand Islands NWR

I have been teaching photography and leading workshops in southern Ontario for 30 years now. Traditionally, workshops are hands-on and in the field in spring, autumn and winter; tutorials cover post-capture processing techniques. Topics include seeing photographs and composition; creating compelling landscapes, natural still life and close-up photography. Post-capture processing tutorials revolve around Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop and include importing photographs, photo database management, developing options for colour and black-and-white and making custom prints.

Recently, my work schedule has meant scaling back my workshops so that I now offer one-on-one workshops and tutorials and portfolio reviews.

One-on-one Workshops can be scheduled for half-days (four hours) or full days (eight hours) and can be field workshops or post-capture processing tutorials. You can choose the location or you can leave that up to me, depending on the type of photography you wish to do. One favourite combination is spending the morning on location learning photography field techniques and the afternoon processing images.

One-on-one workshops can be for yourself or for you and up to 3 friends. For individuals, the cost is $350 for a half-day and $500 for a full day - with you buying lunch! For each additional person (up to 3), there will be an extra $50 charge for a half-day and $75 for a full day.

Portfolio Reviews are a chance for you and I to sit down together and discuss a selection of your photographs. I will provide constructive feedback to help you improve your overall approach to photography plus techniques and composition as well as on individual photographs you would like to further improve. Again. both field and post-capture processing techniques, including printing, can be part of the review. Portfolio Reviews begin with you sending me a collection of images, then you and I getting together for about 2 hours to discuss your work. The cost for a Portfolio Review is $150.

Evening Photo Talks are popular with photography clubs. Topics include:

  •  Seeing and Making Photographs

  •  Creating Compelling Landscapes

  •  Travel Photography From Field to Screen

  •  The Ins and Outs of Lightroom in Colour

  •  The Ins and Outs of Lightroom in Black-and-White

Evening Photo Talks are typically up to 2 hours in length and cost $150. Please note - all prices are exclusive of travel outside the Guelph-K-W-Cambridge area. If you wish to stay up to date with all Workshop offerings, please subscribe to my Blog

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